Boat trips in Crete grant a unique and romantic experience for couples. These daily cruises truly blend the island’s stunning natural beauty with a sense of adventure and relaxation. Moreover, going on a cruise with Crown Cruises Crete, couples get to experience the enchanting beauty of the island in luxury and privacy. Our team will ensure a memorable boat trip around the magical shores of Crete. After all, the island is a perfect backdrop for romance!

So, let’s see several reasons why a boat trip in Chania is an exceptional experience for couples. 

Why Choose Crete for a Boat Trip?

To begin with, Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is a premier destination for boat trips! It’s coastline is incredibly diverse, featuring everything from secluded bays, dramatic cliffs and turquoise waters. Furthermore, these waters are home to a vibrant marine ecosystem, offering opportunities for snorkeling and diving.

If you want to make this daily cruise even more special, imagine proposing to your partner against the backdrop of a stunning sunset. Our team wants to make such moments truly unique​​. Additionally, this intimate experience is part of our team’s ethos. The latter is born from a deep connection to the sea and a family’s wish to warmly welcome every traveler to the beauty of Crete​​.

Our Suggestions for Boat Trips in Crete

Customers have shared their delightful experiences with Crown Cruises, highlighting the exceptional professionalism of the captain, the superb organization, food and service provided. These boat trips in Crete are not only wonderful days at sea but are often the highlight of a holiday! Thus, we plan them meticulously, ensuring that you know every detail before departure​​. Let’s see our suggestions one-by-one.

menies beach

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Menies Beach

Embark on a romantic seafaring escapade to discover the hidden gem of Menies beach, nestled at the northeastern tip of Cape Rhodopou. This haven, with its pebbled shores and tranquil azure waters, offers a haven of serenity and is shielded from the usual winds of the region. It is an ideal retreat for couples seeking a break from the urban hustle.

Just a kilometer southwest of this enchanting beach, the ancient Agios Georgios monastery, dating back to the 9th century, whispers tales of history and romance. Despite its past glory, the monastery succumbed to the challenges posed by relentless pirate raids. A 16th-century fortified tower, standing guard within the monastery’s precincts, adds an element of adventure, symbolizing protection against the looming threat of enemy or pirate ships.

However, your journey through this historical tapestry doesn’t end there. Our stops include Menies, Chironisia, Theodorou and Lazaretta—a curated route promising a perfect blend of archaeological marvels and breathtaking landscapes. For couples seeking a mix of romance, history, and picturesque surroundings, this boat trip is a gateway to a memorable shared adventure.

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seitan limania

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Seitan Limania

For a romantic boat excursion, we highly recommend exploring the captivating Seitan Limania which is just 20km from Chania. Here, the sea gracefully weaves its way through the wild cliffs of Akrotiri, forming thus an intimate bay. Also known as the Devil’s Ports, the name Seitan has an intriguing Turkish origin which means diabolical.

Join us on a romantic boat journey that includes stops at Seitan Limania, Avlaki, Spilies and Stavros. Each destination promises its own unique charm, making this trip a perfect blend of scenic beauty and cultural exploration for you and your partner. Therefore, get ready to create unique memories against the backdrop of these enchanting locations.

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The ultimate couples’ boat journey awaits at the intriguing Theodorou islet. The Venetians, in their distinctive way, named it San Theodoro or San Todaro. In 1574, recognizing its strategic importance, they fortified the islet with a fortress to ward off pirates and Turkish invasions from the Platanias area.

While time has claimed much of the castles, remnants linger, along with the echoes of the small church of Agios Theodoros. Today, this spot is a sanctuary for the Cretan Goat Kri-Kri, whose presence adds a touch of wildlife. Originally transferred from the Cretan mountains, these wild goats find refuge on Theodorou, protected from poachers and other threats.

Indulge in a boat trip that explores the mysteries of Theodorou, offering glimpses of ancient history, castle ruins, and the charming church of Agios Theodoros. The cruise also includes stops at Theodorou and Lazaretta, promising a romantic journey filled with exploration and shared discoveries.

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balos beach

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Balos Beach

Last but not least, we suggest a boat trip in Crete to Balos Beach. Nestled between the Tigani peninsula and the western side of the cape of Gramvousa, Balos is not just a beach; it’s a nature masterpiece waiting to be explored.

As you approach, the allure of Balos unfolds! A canvas of white sand merging with crystal-clear, shallow waters, adorned in various shades of light blue and blue. Specifically, the panoramic view offers a glimpse of the rugged shores of the Gramvousa cape, creating a mesmerizing backdrop. Take a plunge into the deep blue waters surrounding Imeri Gramvousa island, where you can not only swim but also explore its historic fortress.

This curated boat trip promises a romantic odyssey with stops at Balos, Gramvousa, and Menies. Indulge in the beauty of Balos, immerse yourself in the history of Gramvousa, and discover the hidden charm of Menies. Thus, it’s a lovely adventure for couples seeking a perfect blend of natural wonders and historical treasures.

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To conclude, boat trips in Crete are more than just a journey across the sea. Actually, it’s an immersive experience that combines natural beauty, historical exploration and intimate moments. For couples, it offers a unique way to connect and create lasting memories in the most enchanting settings.